Snapper Cane
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Snapper Cane


If you are having trouble getting around for whatever reason, the Snapper can help you in multiple ways.

It is a sturdy walking cane to help improve mobility; it also helps you pick up items that have fallen or are not within reach, and it is easy to store.

Cane Size Chart:

  • 33” - for customers under 5’ 4” tall
  • 36” - for customers 5’ 4” and taller

Product Features


It’s challenging enough when you have a decreased ability to care for yourself due to the aging process and/or disability. The Snapper Cane reduces your need to rely on others to pick up things for you, so you can continue to go about your business.

Space Savvy

The Snapper Cane is lightweight, so nearly anybody can move it with ease. Due to its compact design, it stores easily in a car, bus, or next to your favorite chair at home.


Instead of fumbling with a cane, a grabber, plus looking for something to hold your bag, the Snapper Cane provides all three services in one compact unit. The hook also adjusts so you can hang the Snapper Cane on the back of a chair or on a towel rack, so it’s always available to you without concern that it may fall to the floor.

Ease of use

The Snapper Cane is made of sturdy, uncomplicated construction that nearly anybody has the ability to use and adjust. The hook converts in a snap, without the need for tools. The ability to pick up items from the floor is just a squeeze away!

Keeping you safe

The Snapper Cane promotes safety while you maintain your independence. The cane fosters stability in walking, especially on uneven surfaces. The snapper reduces your risk for falls in that there is no need to bend over to pick up items from the floor. The Snapper Cane allows you to reach for items that without it, you could strain muscles or lose your balance.


Cane for Mobility and Utility

Many people of all ages benefit from using a cane: those who have a disability caused by disease or obesity; recovering from surgery; have chronic arthritis; or any other reason to improve mobility. The Snapper is a great solution because it not only helps your safety and stability, but it also has additional features that other canes do not provide.

Ever drop your glasses or keys and struggle to pick them up? The Snapper Cane has a built-in grabber reaching aid that makes it easy to remain independent and carry on with activities of daily living.

When you are out and about and need another hand, the Snapper has a convenient hook that can be used to hold something for you so you can keep one hand on your cane and use the other for whatever you need. Giving you the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to try to juggle your bag and your keys or wallet or purse and you remain safe and secure with the Snapper Cane.

Relaxing at home and find your cane keeps falling on the floor so you have to struggle to pick it back up? The Snapper has a hook you can use to secure it next to you for when you are ready to get up and get going again.