FAQ - Snapper Cane
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Instructions for the Snapper

The Snapper Cane is both a regular walking cane and a picker-upper, helping you be more self-sufficient in your activities of daily living.

Summary of Questions

Q: How do I release the the picker-upper at the bottom of the cane, and how do I use the grabber?

Answer: Holding the cane with two hands, off of the floor, pressing the button on either the left or right-hand side of the cane handle. (Fig 1) (please be aware that the trigger comes from under the handle so make sure your fingers are out of the way so it can release properly) The stainless steel and rubber tip prongs will exit the bottom of the cane. Place the sprung tips over the item to grasp ie: your glasses, (Fig 2) and gently squeeze the bottom of the handle to grab the item. (Fig 3) Still holding pressure on the handle, pick up the cane, and release the pressure on the handle to release your item.


Q: How do I close grabber tips back into the bottom of the cane?

Answer: To close the tips back into the cane, squeeze the bottom of the handle (Fig 3) and the tips will retract into the cane and snap into place. (it may be helpful to press in the button sightly to assist this) You can press the cane gently on the floor as you squeeze.

Q: How do I clean the tips of the picker-upper cane?

Answer: If the rubber tips become clogged with mud or debris, wash in warm water.

Q: How do I replace the rubber tips on the grabber portion of the cane?

Answer: Release the prongs. Using a phillips (cross head) screwdriver, (Fig 4) remove and save the two screws and nuts holding the tips to the stainless steel prongs and replace with new tips.

Q: How do I remove or change the direction of the cane’s hook feature?

Answer: The hook on the side is for hanging the cane on chair and the like or if installed upside down , it will enable you to hang a purse, shopping bag etc. The hook can be removed by pressing the lower end of the attachment tab (Fig 5) and pulling it out of its bracket. (Fig 6) To replace, it for hanging purses, bags etc., install it from the bottom up. (Fig 7 & 8)