Snapper Cane
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It’s a walking cane that includes a reaching aid picker-upper and much more!

Instead of fumbling with a cane, a grabber, plus looking for something to hold your bag, the Snapper Cane provides
all three services in one compact unit. Snapper Cane was recently featured on QVC.

How Does The Snapper Cane Work?

Take a look at this video for a demonstration to see how useful and handy The Snapper Cane
can be in your everyday activities…


Cane & Picker-Upper

A reaching aid can be quite handy but they are often either in the way or not around when you really need to pick something up. While there are some reaching aids that fold to allow for travel there is just nothing as convenient as having your grabber as part of your walking cane that is already with you!

Whether you have a disability related to back problems, surgery recovery, arthritis, disease or other ailment, the picker-upper grabbing function of The Snapper Cane can help you conquer all the activities of your daily living.

Snapper Cane Features

Drop your glasses or your keys? Easily pick them up with your Snapper Cane.

The Snapper Cane stays in place next to you ...thanks to its handy hook.

Need an extra hand? The Snapper Cane will hold your bag while you unlock your door.

Sturdy walking cane ...helping you overcome limited mobility.


The Snapper Cane has a sturdy, uncomplicated construction that is easy for nearly anybody to use and adjust. The hook converts in a snap, without the need for tools. The ability to pick up items from the floor is just a squeeze away!